How I met the devil.

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How I met the devil. Empty How I met the devil.

Post  Caligula on Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:08 pm

A bitter chill swept over my face. The light breeze rolling in brings thoughts of the night. There was an illusion that was night which brought a sense of relief, Zed was blind in the dark. Though things have changed. Whoever is watching us from up there saw fit that life wasn't hard enough. They've mutated. They've changed. They have a strength like never before. We all know this.

Crawling tits down towards an old barracks where I had a hunch I'd find some supplies left behind when the military pulled out. Well what was left of them anyways. This was a gamble I shouldn't have taken. Everyone was taking action to fix what vehicles we could find or find supplies for the camp. I was alone.

I thought my nature inspired suit covered in foliage might help me blend in, but seems Zed cares little for cosplay. If the plant moves, it must taste good. Hearing the groan of a dead man is creepy, hearing the scream of something that shouldn't be rushing you is another story all together. Little did I realize I wasn't alone, if you count the dead, how far that was from the truth I... I...

I got on my feet and made full spring towards the building, Zed brought him and his from all directions. One mistake might end me. For he crushes bones and can show you the floor faster then you would know,and with an ability to cut your arteries there a few threats left in this world more terrifying.

Pulling my rifle to my shoulder soon as I entered the building I was welcomed by the corpses of the dead. These dead don't walk, something is wrong. No time to think. I turn quickly and squeeze my hand, several wiffs of air can be heard. Then several more. Dropping maybe seven, where are the others. I focus again on analyzing the situation. Someone has been here, I was to late. The dead rest at my feet, they rest behind me. And where are those outside, where did they run. Though the living, they can be as frightening as the dead. We all need beans after all. My worries are multiplying.

I quickly check the rooms to find supplies you'd love to have, but would weigh you down far to much to carry. Flares, chemlights, pepsi. Ammunition to weapons I don't expect to see before the end of my days. But nothing of value worth the little room I have. Quickly looking out windows I see Zed is still around.. He must of forgot a plant ran inside. How lucky I am zombies aren't social, nor do they car for the screams of those chasing. I make my exit.

I quickly remove all threats around me and make a run straight for the wall. This is it, once I'm past here I'm safe. Throwing a hello back at Zed at the wall he drops to the floor in grief as I leave. Then.. Gunshots.

Running full speed into the woods I dive to the dirt under a pine tree. Hopefully cosplay works on people better. More gunshots. More. More. Somethings going on. Sounds to be an AK. Aleksander Kashelnikov's mass production master piece. A rather large bullet I wouldn't want to meet. Realizing him, or them, have a fight of their own I make due north with all haste. Only to run straight into the devil.

Right smack in the middle of the forest. A man standing 6 foot flat, and a blazing red flame covered beauty. Forgeting the troubles of the world I sit on the bike. The devil is as healthy as the devil looks. Amazing. I pulled up the com to express my excitement. I called in a run for fuel.

The gunshots continued, but turned into birds chirping. The sun changed directions and warmth returned to my body. All around me the world lit up. Light glistened through the cracks between trees and animals ran towards me. Zed followed me, but walked just past. He wanted nothing to do with the devil. In that very instant, the world became right.

Some time had past, and the devil quickly became a part of our group. He would help us survive. He would run us to our friends in trouble. He would run us back. With no fear we braved the tarmac Zed and the living alike. Even when the world decides to fuck time space and go back, he is there. As long as we put the dead in the ground, and maybe a few living.. I think he'll stick around.

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How I met the devil. Empty Re: How I met the devil.

Post  JP on Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:45 pm

Ha! I remember the red devil dirt bike. Its my favorite vehicle to ride solo. Cool

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